Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

In Love? Or just alone?

~I'm sorry for the spelling errors~

Valentines Day; the day of love, romance, and the day where its ok to show all types of affection and most people wont judge you.
But it's also the day where everyone whose not in a relationship sticks out like a sore thumb, and everyone makes fun of them for being "lonely".
Well, excuse us for not having dates on Valentines day, I'm mean really.
Today at school I was in the worst mood; my school was selling flowers for a dollar and you could send them to anyone. People were taking this to an extent, all the kids got so worried no one was going to send them one so they all got one and sent to themselves..
I was so done when I found that out, apparently everyone who wasn't in a relationship did it "just in case". Even my creeper ex boyfriend sent himself one, and everyone hates him.
So, everyone in my school had flowers. I was expecting that my friend group-which consists of like 12 people- would be the only people without flowers, I was wrong.
They all sent each other flowers and forgot about me....I flipped shit.
I was so done and I had only been in school for about 30 minutes.

By the time lunched rolled around I was tired, depressed, and ready to stab someone. I went to lunch expecting to just play around on my ipod and such when my best-guy-friend, who we're going to call PJ, came in with his girl friend, who we're going to call JR, and asked me to walk around with them during our lunch break.
I agreed and we walked around on the second floor; while we were walking the couple exchanged presents. PJ got JR a teddy bear that was wearing a band shirt, candy, and flowers. JR got PJ candy and a hand written note. Feeling the love guys.
We had an hour long lunch and I would say I third-wheeled but JR basically third-wheeled me and PJ; I'm not even kidding, the inire time we held hands and patheically flirted towards each other.
Now, JR didn't care because PJ is the biggest flirt ever and me and JR have been practically sisters since birth and she know's I would never take her boyfriend. What sucks about their relationship is that I have had a crush on PJ for 2 years, then JR pop's out of the blue and they start dating.
While keeping that in mind; as we were walking we were talking about their relationship, and then yet again out of the blue PJ goes, "Hey so we're going on our Valentines date tonight and were going to Frendly's, want to come?"
He freaking invited to third-wheel his date, and what was even worse was JR wanted me to come along. I was ready to hit both of them. It common knowladge that you DO NOT ASK SOMEONE TO JOIN YOU ON A DATE IF THE OTHER PART OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS GOING!!
I said no multipule times yet they still kept asking me. I literally had to run away and hide until lunch was over.
The rest of the day consited of the same thing; people being all lovey-dovey and discusting and then me being the grinch of Valentines day.

It was my last class of the day and by that time I was ready to light myself on fire; I was in such a bad mood I convinced my Bio teacher I was going to hurt her, I also convinced the boy across from me that I was homicidal and a pyromaniac. And the boy infront of me was scared I might stab him; obviously I didn't because he's still alive and I'm not in jail.
After the bell rang and everyone was scurrying to their busses I went in stood in the lobby waiting for my sister to come and tell me it was time to go. When out of no where my friend Jay comes along and we start chatting about my horrible day then along come some more of our friends who started talking about their plans tonights with their dates.
I'm not even kidding I almost broke down in tears, Jay had to carry me to my sister and then she had to take me home where I cried and ate cookie dough ice cream and blogged about my sadness.

Well, other than that. To those who have plans, good for you and remember to thank your dates for being there with you and for those of you who are like me and have their laptop as a date for the night, well, bless your sole. Night all.    ~Macc  xoxo